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The following video presents a detailed video showcasing the much-awaited French Quarters Fest. The video comprises extensive interviews with various individuals, including vendors, performers, and attendees. By watching this video, you'll gain an…

Super Sunday is a procession and festival to give the public a chance to witness the Mardi Gras Indians. It is an consisted of incredible craftsmanship, unique music and street rituals. New Orleans natives and tourist share their experience with…

Alyshia Cheavious and Rhianna Jordan share their childhood experiences living in New Orleans as well as their reasoning and elaboration of their journey of becoming Estheticians in Nola. Many people do not know of the various Esthetician services…

In this video I highlight the health care system of New Orleans by interviews a black family with four generation fo black nurses.

An interview with DJ PJ (Patrick Walker Jr.) to discuss his journey to become such an amazing Dj, as well as his future plans.

Interview of Pamela Broom, a contributor to the lower ninth ward rehabilitation, at the People's Garden event.

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Vaucresson Creole Cafe & Deli is part of My Nola, My Story, a Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts. This report is produced by Zora Thomas

Anna’s Place NOLA is an afterschool program that works with children and youth from K-12 to address the inequities that systematically affect them in New Orleans, such as failing schools, violent neighborhoods, insufficient healthcare, low…

Working in the Tremé area post-Katrina after being a New Orleans resident prior, Liz has seen the effects of gentrification first-hand. Through Anna's Place, she supports youths in the hope of restoring a strong sense of community in a culturally…

Mrs.Joanna Purdue, a New Orleans Native, and her husband Mr.Joe Purdue, who has lived here since 1997 shared their stories to success, including a film career that led to an Emmy award for Mr.Purdue.

Coming to New Orleans in the late 1990's, Professor Kinnord has been educating the students of Xavier University of Louisiana about the arts. Outside of the classroom, she continues her education by being a successful artist who makes an effort of…

This documentary style video tells the story of Loretta Harrison and includes detailed accounts from her son, Robert Harrison.

The neighborhood of Gert Town is a keystone of Xavier University of Louisiana and has grown alongside the school. In this video, residents of Gert Town are provided with the opportunity to share their stories and lived experiences.

BARAKA was an event highlighting the music, art, and fashion of New Orleans. We present audiences the opportunity to view and immerse themselves into the cultural show represented in "My Nola, My Story: BARAKA Event".

My NOLA My Story My story revolves around two teams, one from New Orleans (Warren Easton) and the other from New Iberia (Jonathan Smith) (Westgate). They compete in the state championship game, which is a significant deal in high school football…

The granddaughter of Mrs. Willie Mae was not able to make it so she sent her close friend Ariana who explains their growth through Katrina, Covid and having another location as well as giving us her favorite food.

New Orleans is known for many things from food to music. One thing that is overlooked though is the skateboarding scene. Me being a skater myself I wanted to give people insight into what life is like in the skate scene of New Orleans from the lens…

This digital media project gives a perspective of different age groups' experiences while living in New Orleans. It shows how "TaKeisha Matthews, Gwen Coleman, and Jermier Washington all viewed New Orleans.

Nola natives explain the love that they have for their city and the impact of Hurricane Katrina.
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