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Nola natives explain the love that they have for their city and the impact of Hurricane Katrina.

Both traditional forms of art like museums and unconventional like the unique street art scene was studied along with interviews with artist/skater, Irvin Washington.

14 Parishes and Willie Mae's are some of the most popular restaurants in the Pythian Market and this is a look into their history and what makes them so popular.

New Orleans native Dr. Calvin Mackie began a non-profit dedicated to making STEM education accessible to all children after recognizing a lack of STEM education in schools. STEM NOLA, his non-profit, is now expanding to New Orleans East, an area once…

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This video explains how an urban renewal project wiped out an area that was once booming with business.

This is a small presentation of Ms. Melissa Brown's telling of her life before and after Hurricane Katrina.

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This interview explores the perspectives of non-native and native New Orleanians on Bounce Music and its contribution to New Orleans and Black Society as a whole.

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This interview captures Dr.Sara Al-Dahir's work with Muslim Americans and health equity during COVID along with her history.

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Dr. Chris Sylvain, President and Owner of Best Life Pharmacy and Restaurant, discusses the founding of the Christian Vaccine Access Coalition and reflects on being in medicine amid modern healthcare and COVID-19.

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A voiceover from a New Orleans native on his childhood experiences growing up in the South.

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This interview captures the effects water has had on communities throughout New Orleans and how it has affected livelihood as well.

This is an interview with Rev. Dr. Theodore Turner, a New Orleans native, Pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Boothville, Louisiana.

The Effects of COVID-19: From the Perspective of the New Orleans Community by Joshua Clay is apart of My NOLA, My Story, a Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana students Exponential Honors Program, coordinated by Dr. Shearon…

An interview with Glenn Caston, a social justice and inclusion officer at Xavier University, as he takes Chaun and Chris Hubbard around the garden for the first time.

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Dr. Calvin Mackie, Creator of STEM in NOLA discusses the founding of STEM NOLA, the mission of the organization, and the significance of STEM and education for black kids.

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This is an interview with Dr. Gary Wiltz, a New Orleans native, Tulane University School of Medicine graduate, and award-winning physician who is the Chief Executive Officer of Teche Action Clinic.

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This is a compilation of three interviews, with the MICHESS associate director, a former and a current MICHESS student, talking about the foundation and influence of the MICHESS Program.

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Follow your Exponential host as we explore the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Mrs. Lisa Mclain gives us a closer insight into her take on New Orleans what Vincent's Vault Food Pantry is all about.
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