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Five students of Caribbean heritage share their experiences about living in New Orleans.

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Jayla experienced her first second line at the age of two with her family. She is now nine, and reflects back on her most memorable experiences while participating in second line.

New Orleans residents express their thoughts of a woman taking charge of the mayoral seat in the city of New Orleans, after 300 years of being dominated by men.

Jeffrey Dixon's life as a black college athlete and growing up in New Orleans.

I had the privilege of interviewing Corey McCall, a freshman at Xavier University and a New Orleans native. We spoke about how violence and failure to express yourself in New Orleans has impacted his poetry.

A story about one of the oldest schools in New Orleans, located in the heart of the French Quarter. Three students take a trip down memory lane and explain what this now closed school meant to them.

A Professor at Xavier University is the third generation in her family to attend this school. This is a question and answer interview about each person's experience of being a student at Xavier.

I sat down and interviewed Ms. Junine Goodison, and we discussed her life changing when she moved from Jamaica to New Orleans. I wanted to understand the impact it had on her, and how it has shaped who she is today.

This is an interview with Nia Weber about her musical passion.

A story based on the impact Hurricane Katrina had on Devin Martin's life, and the lives of his family. How one of the most devestating hurricanes of all time, changed Devin's life as a young child, growing up Post-Katrina.

A personal narrative of a Katrina survivor. Shirelle Perkins tells her Katrina story and provides life lessons she's learned from it.

An article about the sense of community in New Orleans told through learning to ride a bike.

Varion Laurent describes how he began doing art and his history with it as well as the art culture in NOLA

Tracee created New Orleans Fashion Week in 2011. She reflects back on her experience of this process and why she chose New Orleans as the city to host fashion week.

In an interview led by Kotey Thomas, she interviews the president of the Louisiana Creole Research Association president Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes. Questions are raised about how exactly La Creole goes about conducting research, its findings, and where…

Having a chat with inspiring Nola Fashion Designer, Seamstress and brand Yadhhae creator Jada Hunter.

Shakor opened his art studio in 2008 in the French Quarter. He reflects back on how New Orleans culture influences his artwork and gaining popularity in the community, including amongst several celebrities.

Chadvett grew up in New Orleans, Lousiana, He is a part-time student, and a part-time Artist working just as hard on his career as his studies. In this Interview he goes over some of the aspects of New Orleans and what makes the city real stand out.

Co-founder of Akhirah's Praline and Candy, Amy Muhammad recalls her time growing up in New Orleans, facing racism and colorism, and opening a New Orleans style coffee shop in Chicago with her husband.
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