Bo Down To The King


Bo Down To The King


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This story is about the head Women's Basketball Coach, Robert "Bo" Browder and his history at Xavier University.


Coach Bo has been the head coach for over 21 years. He has a major effect on the history of sports at Xavier and plays major role.


Kira Mercado


My Nola, My Story; Youtube


Mass Communication Department at Xavier University of Louisiana


December 12, 2019


Robert Browder


My Nola, My Story


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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Kira Mercado: Coach Robert "Bo" Browder has been Xavier University of Louisiana's woman head basketball coach for over 21 years. He got his first start in 1997 when he was an assistant coach, but then soon was promoted on May 28th 1998 as head coach. Coach Bo holds the records for the most seasons as a Xavier head coach--no matter what the sport. Coach Bo is number three in Louisiana's women's history with 469 victories. Coach Bo has coached women's basketball at the NCAA Division I level, NAIA, and junior college levels. He has qualified 15 times for the NAIA Division I National Championship Tournaments. He has made 12 appearances in the final NAIA. Coach Bo's team led NAIA Division 1 in scoring--defense three times. Coach Bo's record at Xavier is 255 to 31. Coach Bo has 8 GCCA tournament championships, with the latest being in 2015 with the 2016 season.

Coach Bo: When I first came on campus, I really got just a good feel of Xavier--that
family atmosphere--everybody really caring about the students. And with me
being a coach, everybody really wanted our student athlete athletes to excel in the classroom also. So, I was really excited about that.

Coach Bo: Well, I'm a country boy, I grew up in North Louisiana for ten years of my life and everything. Also, I lived in homeland, where that's down on the bayou. So, I've done had, you know, I've been truly blessed to live in North Louisiana where you can really call it country. Where you ride the horses and having a good experience in North Louisiana. But, I also had a great experience living down in Houma, Louisiana on the bayou. The difference is living in the city and living in the country is pretty much, you know, there's just so much more to do in the city and everything. And I'm truly blessed to live in the city of New Orleans, and I take pride of living in New Orleans and everything like that. And I'm very happy to say it. New Orleans has been truly good to me--a bunch of wonderful people I have met and developed great relationships with.

Coach Bo: Well, I talked to my players and former players about--my success has been their success, but the bottom line is, and I share this with my players also, really it's my parents' success. They have put a lot of time and work and energy into my coaching career and to me, you know, just being a good person, and I really--I'm just truly blessed to have wonderful parents and everything. And I think with me receiving that Coach of the Year award, it really was for my mother and father.

Coach Bo: Well, one of my parents passed 10 years ago, and the other one past 4 years ago. So, it really have brought on a big change in the way I look at things. You know, I truly miss them in everything, but at the end of the day, I know that's how life is--that, you know, pretty much our mothers and
fathers will will go on to--we call it going home in the country. They'll go on home, and as young folks, we got to realize that and take advantage of the opportunity when our parents are here just to say we love them. It's good to have them, you know, in your life.

Coach Bo: This is an easy one, but I'm going to remember this moment forever. My father was a hard-working guy. He was a welder, and he usted to always tell me, "Oh man, you've got an easy job. You've got an easy job." He said "You don't work hard--this and that. You don't work hard." So about 13 years ago, we played against Nicholls State who's a Division I team, and they're like 45 minutes from Homeland. Most of the people in high school, they either go to Nicholls, or they'll go to LSU or they go to Southeastern.


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