Boswell's: Home Away from Home


Boswell's: Home Away from Home




Boswell's Jamaican Restaurant


This is a vlog-style video centered around Jamaican Restaurant, Boswell's. This video entails an interview with the owner, Mr. Boswell Atkinson, and the introduction of the restaurant's food and environment to viewers.


Brier Evans


My Nola, My Story via Youtube


Mass Communications department at the Xavier University of Louisiana.


24th November 2020


Brier Evans


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2020




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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Intro: Hey Everyone!
(Voice note): Wow, that was very dry. I'm going to be more hype this time, you know, for your sake, so that we can start this video on a positive note. Hey Everybody, I'm Brier Evans, a freshman Speech Pathology major.

I am Dominican, repping the flag proudly, West Indian. I'm nervous because I'm going to one of my favourite West Indian Restaurants. it's a Jamaican restaurant called Boswell's, and I absolutely love their food. Like their food is top-notch, it's right here! So, I'm nervous, I'm going to be interviewing the place, you know showing you guys around, showing you the food. The process of making the food, everything that's happening. Masks are a necessity, please wear your masks as we're in a pandemic. Okay, let's go! And we're going vlog style!

(Outside of Boswell): Okay, we're legit right outside of Boswell's right now. We're going inside. Ahh, I'm nervous. Okay, we gon do this, we gon do this. Let's do this!


Mr. Boswell: That's my name. My name is Boswell Atkinson. it's a British name from when we were a British colony in Jamaica. Well after the accident with the spacecraft, I was transferred to Baltimore, and I didn't like Baltimore, so I came here started my own janitorial company, and then I started cooking.

Brier: You love cooking?

Mr. Boswell: love it.

Brier: Love it? Haha, What's your favourite menu item here from Boswell's?

Mr. Boswell: The Jerk chicken. Well, the oxtails are a big thing here. I think the oxtails and the jerk chicken are my best sellers.

Brier: What made you move to Louisiana.

Mr. Boswell: Work. I had work. I came down to work as an engineer with Lucky. Been in Louisiana since 1978. I opened Boswell's in 1998

Brier: 98!

Mr. Boswell: But the storm came and took it. I reopened in 2008. We're surviving. We try to make the food as authentic as possible. Close to what you would eat in Jamaica. And we try to keep consistent with our menu. So, that's basically it.

Friend 1: Let me taste the macaroni.

Brier: Huh.

Friend 1: Let me taste the macaroni. Just a little bit.
(Meme plays over)

Brier: That meal was amazing. Let me tell you bruh like we cleaned that off, we cleaned that off, didn't we? The macaroni and cheese was good, the plantain was good. If you guys know plantain, then you would know. The chicken! Bruh the meat fell off the bone, I promise you, I didn't even have to touch it.
(Voiceover): You didn't touch it? Then how did you eat it? I'm confused.

Brier: It was good.

What's one menu item you love about Boswell's?

Friend 1: I love the curry chicken.

Friend 2: The rice and peas from Boswell's, and the plantain too.

Friend: 3: I like the jerk chicken.

Friend 4: I like the stew chicken.

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Brier Evans


Brier Evans


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