Missing Mardi Gras


Missing Mardi Gras




Mardi Gras Post Covid


This is a mini-documentary-style video that captures how many communities in New Orleans are celebrating Mardi Gras through House Floats.


Brier Evans


My Nola, My Story via Youtube


Mass Communications department at the Xavier University of Louisiana.


24th February 2021


Brier Evans


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2021




Premiere Pro, video


A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Intro (music): (Yvonne Milton) I'm really going to miss carnival. Mardi Gras was the best, but it's gone now because of the corona.

Brier: This year marks the first time in 32 years that Mardi Gras has been cancelled in New Orleans. Due to Covid-19 all festivities leading up to Mardi Gras including the parades have been put off. This has affected us all in New Orleans, but there are many who still keep the spirit alive by transforming their homes into float houses, and these are their voices.

Ingrid Labat: You don't need an excuse to party in New Orleans.

Brian Lapeyrolerie: The big thing about Mardi Gras and all the social organizations in New Orleans is the fraternization amongst members and friends and different walks of life. Have a good time with some people you don't even know or you can be with your friends and have a great time. That's the whole thing. It's that everyone forgets their worries.

Brenda Manson: Right now, we'd all hang out and have some music going and the chairs, sitting down, like in family groups, and just wait for the parades to come. And we'd stay there the whole day long from Zulu all the way until the floats come.

Ingrid Labat: If it’s not Mardi Gras, it’s Jazz Fest, it’s French Quarter Fest, it’s Essence Fest, and then football season takes up half of the year. But then after football and the holidays, here we go again back to Mardi Gras.

Brenda Manson: It's Happy Valentine's, Mardi Gras.

Brier: Sky!

Skylar: Yeah, what's up?

Brier: Do you have a song that reminds you of Mardi Gras?

Skylar: Yeah

Brier: Really

Skylar: Yeah

Brier: Can you sing it for me?

Skylar (sings): Mardi Gras mambo mambo mambo, Mardi Gras Mambo mambo mambo, Mardi Gras Mambo, Down in New Orleans.

Yvonne Milton: You know, maybe one day it will come back. It may not be in my time, but it will be in somebody else’s time. But I pray and ask God it will be in my time.


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Brier Evans


Brier Evans


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