My Nola, My Story: BARAKA Event


My Nola, My Story: BARAKA Event




This is the story of the BARAKA Fashion Show in New Orleans


BARAKA was an event highlighting the music, art, and fashion of New Orleans. We present audiences the opportunity to view and immerse themselves into the cultural show represented in "My Nola, My Story: BARAKA Event".


Kiersten McCollum and Mckenzi Neal


My Nola My Story via Youtube


Mass Communications department at Xavier University of Louisiana


December 13, 2021


Derrick McAllister


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2021 Exhibit.




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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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We as a whole, we keep ourselves trapped in New Orleans personally but we blame it on everything else. So I feel like this is my way to make my step moving forward, to take everything I built here and opening up another market in Vegas. Hopefully, opening up everybody that’s in New Orleans to allowing them to be able to travel to different markets.

So our first question is, what impact do you feel Louisiana has had on you?

Well Louisiana having been my home and my birth place, it touch my heart because theres a lot of things that could be better about New Orleans as far as the education, and I speak about New Orleans because Louisiana and New Orleans is very separate and people don’t get that but the culture is different, you get what I’m saying? But Louisiana as a whole, the education is crazy so I feel like personally, as a man, I kind of took steps to get more education than was given to me and thats what kind of opened my mind to want to do different things to broaden my horizon.

Thank you, our next question is, what motivations you? What makes you do things like this? What keeps you going?

So I kind of grew up int his industry as fat as business, as that itself motivates me. Just the fact that I can help every and anybody that I know from music, fashion, or just business in general, even entrepreneurs that are around in New Orleans or the city. That is kind of what wakes me up, the fact that I can help people build themselves and I can see and watch people grow. I love that

And our final question is, why the fashion show? What made you put on the fashion show?

Because, man, New Orleans is like the pinnacle of creation but I feel like there isn’t a “together” fashion scene is New Orleans, you know what I’m saying? I feel like everybody is doing their own thing. So it kind of hit my heart to feel like, “okay well if I can put everybody together and create this one big coalition then it will help the city as a whole” kind of take us out of the crab bucket mentality, you know?


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Kiersten McCollum
Mckenzi Neal


Dr. Shearon Roberts


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December 13, 2021
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