Growing Up Second Line


Growing Up Second Line




This is the story of Jayla "Bean" Nash's life. She is a nine years old; Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana native.


Jayla experienced her first second line at the age of two with her family. She is now nine, and reflects back on her most memorable experiences while participating in second line.


Amyre Brandom- Skinner


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December 4, 2017


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Amyre: (Intro) Second line paraders are the descendants of the city’s famous jazz funerals and, they carry many of the same traditions with them as they march down the streets. There are dozens of different second line parades put on throughout the year, usually on Sunday afternoons, and held in the French Quarter and neighborhoods all across the city.

This the story of Jayla Nash. She is a 9 year old Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. Ever since her first second line she has been named the bay of Second Line.

When was your first second line parade?

Jayla “Bean” Nash: Four

Amyre: Four. Okay!

With four years old being your first second lone parade, How old are you now?

Jayla “Bean” Nash: Nine

Amyre: Which one would you say is your favorite experience?

Jayla “Bean” Nash: I think my favorite experience was when I was four.

Amyre: Who are some of your family members that have participated in second line with you?

Jayla “Bean” Nash: The whole, entire family! Like… its their thing. And we have our own band called Family Ties and its broken up into two groups. There’s the Alligators, I don’t know why they call them that, and there’s the Jazz Ladies.

-Video begins-
Jayla “Bean” Nash: Some background knowledge of when I was younger… two maybe. My mom was in the second line and they came out at Joe Mack. And my mom said, “When you saw me, I was like, hey Mom” and then when my auntie came out I was like Hey Auntie, Hey, Hey(waving)! And then she was in her feelings for a little while and I said ma (chuckle) it was a long time ago.

-Video ends-

Amyre: Being the mother of Jayla, what influenced you to want to bring your child into it?

LaToya Kirton: It wasn’t that I wanted to bring her into it, she just had… its like she almost had a feeling for it. She loved it she, she danced, she liked the music so it was like natural for her. So it wasn’t too big of a deal for me to have her to go out in second line.

Amyre: That’s really sweet! And she was telling me that her first one was at the age of four. Was that her first when she could remember or did she have one earlier?

LaToya Kirton: That’s what she could remember. Jayla started second line at the age of two. Every year it’s a different color and every year it’s a different theme, every year. And it’s no; it’s just… it’s almost like. You can’t. You can’t do the same thing twice. We probably would make eight. Actually participate, we do one. We come out the first Sunday of every October. For us Family Ties, that’s our name. So it’s all family and the ties are ties in together they know us some kind of way whether it was a neighbor, a childhood friend, but that, if you hear us you know we’re all family.

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Amyre Brandom- Skinner


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