Through the Seams with Fashion Designer Jada Hunter


Through the Seams with Fashion Designer Jada Hunter




A look into Nineteen-year-old Fashion Designer Jada Hunter fashion savvy lifestyle.


Having a chat with inspiring Nola Fashion Designer, Seamstress and brand Yadhhae creator Jada Hunter.


Tehya Dickerson


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Mass Communication Department of Xavier University


April 22,2018


Tehya Dickerson


My Nola, My Story.


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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Jada : Hello, my name is Jada and I am a known fashion designer and seamstress located in New Orleans, La. Umm, I've been sewing for about six years now and I just opened my studio in January of this year.

Jada: Umm, I've been doing fashion, My first fashion show I did I brought out my brand, my twenty piece collection and from then I've just been blowing up in the city.

Jada: Umm, I graduated from Edna Karr, umm and I studied at SCAD University in Atlanta. I went to Atlanta for a minute and met some friends, went there and learned a lot. I came back home and I just focused on you know building myself, my brand.

Jada: I do love what I do, I'm self-taught, I've never done much schooling. At SCAD they taught me you know how to increase my drawing skills and better tools to help me as a businesswoman that I am now.

Jada: The name of my brand is YadhhaE, that's spelt Y - A - D- H - H - A - E, and it is a Louisana based umm brand. It's just a empowerment its a movement umm I try to use my name as a tool for young people to feel a certain way about themselves.

Jada: I have big plans on giving back to the city, umm as far as sewing goes because it is a dying art and I have reached out to people that we plan on doing a few things within the next year with students. Getting programs put back into the schools as far as home economics and sewing, I mean we have these film classes and digital classes why don't we have fashion design classes?

Jada: So many people, fashion is very prominent in the city like, it's really apart of our culture so I feel like we should have a class based on that. And they can actually learn about what goes on in their city as far as you know clothes, you know we have Indians, Mardi Gras Indians people can come in you know and share their stories and stuff like that. Umm, other than that I do plan on doing prom giveaways and stuff like that.

Jada: Umm, just so much you know some people are not able to, are unable to afford things so it's just up to me you know to use my talent to give back to those aren't able.

Jada: Truly, I would say umm just do it. Umm, not only that but, actually take your time and focus, FOCUS put your phone down put everything down, actually focus on what you think you might like, because you might not think- think you like it but you may be really good at it.

Jada: That's the state I was in. I didn't really like sewing at first but because I found out I was really good at it I developed a love for it.
Jada: So sometimes you know some people overlook that when they feel like, yeah I don't like this, I don't need to be doing this so they just go to school.

Jada: But you actually have to sit back and think about it because sometimes we can overlook our talents and they can be really, really amazing talents that we overlook for so many years. And we won't be till about sixty or forty-something years old until we figure out, wow I had this talent all along?

Jada: So just think about it, take some time off and focus on what you think you might be good at and try to make a profit off it. Once you start making a profit then that's it your gonna start to love it.

Jada: I mean that's the main thing to find something that you love that you at least know your good at and make a profit off it and then the love for it will come, that's how I did it.

Tehya: Well, Alright thank you for doing this interview.

Jada: You're Welcome!


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Tehya Dickerson


Dr. Shearon Roberts


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