Shakor - Art in New Orleans


Shakor - Art in New Orleans




This is the story of Shakor, a New Orleans based artist.


Shakor opened his art studio in 2008 in the French Quarter. He reflects back on how New Orleans culture influences his artwork and gaining popularity in the community, including amongst several celebrities.


Lacee Ancar


My Nola My Story via Youtube


Mass Communication Department at Xavier University of Louisiana


May 1, 2018


Dasia Moore


My Nola, My Story.


My Nola, My Story 2018 Exhibit.




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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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(Intro) Video opens showing two men walking into an art gallery with United States marine sailor suits on. The Marines are showing walking around and examining certain art pieces while having a conversation with Shakor.
Shakor: My artistic talent was discovered when I was four years old and so my whole life was geared towards sharing my gift with the world.
New Orleans is a magical place to me, I had no idea is what so rich in culture and artistic endeavors through music and through fine art.
Coming to New Orleans, I was able to tap into the spirit of New Orleans and use my art to beautify and to tell the story of New Orleans exuberance. The multicultural aspect of war is with people coming from so many different backgrounds turns into a melting pot of gumbo on actually different cultures, sounds, sights and a climate that’s like no other in the United States.
The one that is most memorable is the one that I have on display here. If you can zoom in on the queen of Egypt standing here, this painting called “The Motherland”. During the time that I was painting this picture my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I decided to have moralized her by painting a portrait as an African Queen from the past. Even though she didn’t live to see it completed, she saw me start it and to me my “Motherland” is my most memorable painting.
For one, I had a visit from the well-known comedian Dave Chappelle. He was appreciating, he came to visit the gallery and he appreciates my art. One of the most notable of New Orleans, Anthony Davis, came to Gallery Cayenne and purchased my art. So, the interesting thing is, that you know when you have famous people to purchase your art, the artist is always in hopes that he would share the information about who they purchased the beautiful art form.
Question: How did you get a shop at such a prime location in the French Quarter?
Shakor: It was January and I noticed that there were Christmas lights on the floor with a chain on the door and I claimed this spot, “I said I’m going to turn this into an art gallery”. I got in touch with the landlords and I was able to acquire this spot after six months of perseverance.


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Lacee Ancar


Dr. Shearon Roberts


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April 19, 2018
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