Official Story: The Real New Orleans


Official Story: The Real New Orleans




This is some background on the life of New Orleans coming from the perspective of Chadvett Ebanks who's lived through and seen it all.


Chadvett grew up in New Orleans, Lousiana, He is a part-time student, and a part-time Artist working just as hard on his career as his studies. In this Interview he goes over some of the aspects of New Orleans and what makes the city real stand out.


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May 5th ,2018


Basie Comer
Chadvett Ebanks


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OK so today we are going to be interviewing a New Orleans local that goes by the name of Chadvett Ebanks, Chadvett how are you doing today? Space I’m doing great space. I want to begin this interview by asking you, so being a New Orleans local you know born and raised, right? how did you like growing up in New Orleans, and what has the city done for you? Space. I mean what it’s like growing up here, is interesting, I was say because my view, at least come into college is semi different from a lot of other people’s views of the world. I’m very cautious everywhere I go, just you know real meticulous. With how I move, and stuff but at the same time I’m very social. I mean New Orleans is a place, That is very party orientated, you know there’s a lot of social activities, festivals, parties etc. even though I have that side of me, I also have a side of me that’s very expressive and very enthused and willing to get into stuff. Space. So, Chad that you do music correct? So with your music how has New Orleans influenced your music . New Orleans has had a great deal of influence on my music because of how I grew up, and the environment that I was exposed to you know it influenced how I write, because I talk about what it was like growing up in the projects early on in my life. as well as the things I’ve been through during that time and how it affects me today, as well as what’s going on around me. Space. So, what are some of the struggles you’ve had to deal with growing up in New Orleans? I would never say that I grew up poor, or anything but it’s just that my conditions weren’t all that.So pretty much the projects here in New Orleans are gone, you know the houses look much nicer, but I want to take you back 10 years ago when I was living in like brick apartments with the hallway smelt Of urine and marijuana. You walk outside or you see a fiend across the street. You know there’s gunshots, you know it’s just all types of stuff like that that’s going on. You know you see stuff that you’re not supposed to see at a early age, but New Orleans isn’t all dark and grimy. Space. So what are some of the things that you love about your city? I love the food in the city, you can go from anywhere to a restaurant to just a simple corner store at the local neighborhood you can get some of the best food , I’m pretty sure this is the only city in the world where you can get good quality chicken at a gas station. I don’t know, I went out of town and I just wouldn’t trust any food out of the gas station except for here. The food here, the music, we have our own way, our own style, our own flavor. That is what makes people fall in love with the city. Space. So I’ve heard a lot about the New Orleans culture, and the pride that you guys take in having your own culture could you please explain a bit more for the viewers? Space. I mean The average New Orleanian is very proud of where they come from because we just, we just don’t have it like anybody else has, you know what I’m saying?You know we have a little bit of French
,Creole, Haitian and voodoo, all type of life, It’s a big gumbo pot here in New Orleans. Space. So what separates you guys from the rest of the United States?Space. It’s just the fact that we’re like a small black city, that’s under that undergoes a lot, the educational system is not too good, of course you know we have the the natural disasters, but there’s always beauty in the storm. You know what I’m saying? We’re just the people, where there’s just so much crap that we’ve been able to make diamonds out of it, it’s hard to explain. Space. So would you say that your people are very resilient? Yes very much, I think I consider myself to be Very resilient person, especially as a college student. Here where we stress mental mental health A lot we stress self-discipline such and such things that matter, so I feel is though being from where I’m from “it helps build character”.


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