The Ultimate Reset Button


The Ultimate Reset Button




This is a story about a New Orleans police officer who had to stay in New Orleans while Hurricane Katrina hit.


Louis Martinez, a New Orleans police at the time was the mayor's bodyguard who unfortunately had to stay in New Orleans while his family had to leave for the historic hurricane Katrina. Martinez talks about the lower 9th Ward that got annihilated during Hurricane Katrina and since is not the same.


Diamante' Martinez


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May 10, 2018


Louis Martinez Jr


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*Begins To Drive In New Orleans While Talking* Louis Martinez: Hello, this is Louis Martinez a detective with the New Orleans police department that unfortunately had to work during Hurricane Katrina in August of two thousand and five.
As you’re looking right here this is the Industrial Canal Bridge that links *Pause* the lower 9th ward to the rest of New Orleans. Unfortunately during the storm of two thousand and five, the lower 9th ward was devastated one of the hardest hit areas in the entire city. This area that houses a lot of people that raised their families for generations were proud to be from the 9th ward.
And as we see here the levy that broke that the core of engineers had to rebuild it’s serving as a barrier to stop this from ever happening again.
As you know the lower 9th ward comprised of several different families that had small income houses. That they were having to buy in the early nineteen forties and fifties was devastated. As you can see here different houses were built much more expensive, a lot more expensive than the people that actually live in the 9th ward will ever be able to afford without the grants and special concessions that a few people were given to get back on this street, Tennessee Street. My family lived on Tennessee Street for years were different celebrations occurred ,but as you’re passing right now their house never looked like that and we will never see their house again. This is a sad story that the city didn’t really come back and almost didn’t welcome people back to this historical area.
We were on the bridge leaving the 9th ward um we can actually see where the levy that the core of engineers built to stop this from happening again with piling in the industrial canal to keep ships from bursting through the levy like what happened on August twenty-ninth of two thousand and five. The lakefront that suffered thirty foot storm surges that ultimately devastated lakeview is being rebuilt. This is a small story of what we went through and New Orleans as we know it will never be the same.
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Diamante Martínez


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May 10, 2018
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