Dancing Through NOLA: 35 Years of Gold Star


Dancing Through NOLA: 35 Years of Gold Star


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This is about the Gold Star Dance Team at Xavier University of Louisiana after 35 years of being founded.


November 10, 2019 marked the 35th anniversary of the Gold Star dance team. A few team members speak on their experiences and a brief history is given on the team.


Miyanni Stewart


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Mass Communications Department at Xavier University of Louisiana


November 10, 2019


Lisa Margerum (Team Founder), Chasity Davis (Interviewee), Amyre Brandom (Interviewee), Jasymn Bush (Interviewee), Mya Willis (Interviewee), and Kristin Reid (Interviewee)


My Nola, My Story


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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts.

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The Gold Star dance team was founded in founded in fall of 1984, by Lajuana Gauff Chenier and Lisa Margerum. This past November, around homecoming time, marked the 35th anniversary of the team. Gold Star was established because during this year Xavier only consisted of a cheerleading team; however, later on that year Xavier decided to get rid of cheer. Students were desperately in need of another spirit squad, so these two wonderful ladies came up with the idea of starting a dance team, and that is how Gold Star came to be.
Why did you choose to dance in college?
Amyre Brandom
Honestly, dance chose me in college. I auditioned just like everyone else and it was a gamble whether I would make the team or not, but I really had to rely on my talent and years of experience and training, and hope that that got me onto the team and it did and I've been happy ever since being a Gold Star member.
Jasmyn Bush
Um so I've been a dancer my whole life, starting when I was three years old, so I just figured that it would be good to just continue that legacy, and also this is my first time doing a different style of dance, so I figured it would be nice to just switch it up a little bit.
Chasity Davis
I decided to dance in college because I've been dancing my whole life, so I wanted to continue dancing.
Kristin Reid
Well I've been dancing my for whole life so I just wanted to continue that in college, and I. researched all the dance teams at Xavier, and Gold Star was something I felt like I would fit into the most, so yea that's why I decided to tryout for the team.
What does Gold Star mean to you?
Amyre Brandom
To me being a Gold Star dance team member definitely has embodies a lot of my college experience. I've learned so much through the team, I'm able to grow through it, and I'm doing something that I love, which is dancing, so you can't go wrong with that, especially having the sisterhood that we have.
Chasity Davis
Being a Gold Star dancer means a lot to be because of the bond I have developed with my fellow dance sisters, and yea.
How does it feel being a new member on Gold Star?
Jasmyn Bush
Um being a new member on Gold Star is very honoring. I feel very honored to be one of the new members. I have a lot of fun with the girls. We all have a really good relationship, and we always just have fun and laugh, so it's very fun. Honored.
Kristin Reid
Um, at first I was really nervous because it is always nerve-racking coming into a new team, but everyone there welcomed me with open arms and I really enjoy being on the team because it gives me an outlet to dance other... cause every other time I'm basically studying, so I really enjoy the practices and performing at games, and yea it's a new experience, but I like it.
What is it like to manage Gold Star?
Mya Willis
Um managing Gold Star you need a certain level of professionalism, and uh I need to also know how to give uh creative feedback and um just being able to know how to communicate. That's important because I have to watch what they are doing wrong and um tell them what to do right. I just have to be paying attention, you need to know how to be focused , you need to have a certain level of leadership as well, and luckily I was able to have taken this class called XU Leads at Xavier, where I was able to obtain those leadership skills I with Gold Star.
"Seeing Gold Star now, I am amazed. It is so much more than I envisioned it to be. The team has truly come a long way and it is an honor to see what it has become." ~Lisa Margerum


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Miyanni Stewart


Miyanni Stewart


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