Nola's Social Work & Welfare


Nola's Social Work & Welfare


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My Nola, My Story 2019


Interview with a New Orleans Social Worker covering her opinions on the welfare of New Orleans residents.


Denise Washington


My Nola, My Story via Youtube


Mass Communication Department at Xavier University of Louisiana.


December 12, 2019


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2019 Exhibit






Denise Washington


Denise Washington

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in your field of practice so I have been
a social worker in New Orleans all along
like what areas have I worked in I've
worked in I've worked with the
chronically mentally ill chronic and
persistent mental illness I've worked in
the area of infant mortality reduction
I've worked in the area of substance
abuse I've worked in the area of
domestic violence and I've worked in the
area in foster care in terms of
providing therapy for kids who are in
foster care and with DC DCFS okay so why
did you pick Social Work as a field to
go into I think social workers are
filled to go into it because it's very
broad it's a field where you can do
everything from casework Oh case
management therapy you can be a
therapist you can be a consultant you
can do forensic Social Work you can do
which is I've done all of that but you
can also do Hospital Social Work and you
can do you know hospice care and
end-of-life care so you know you have
many choices and you don't have to be
stuck in one thing so that's why you
know the only requirement in social
workers that you become an expert in
your field of practice so you have to
take you know there's ongoing classes
and continuing education hours that you
have to participate in in the area in
which you are practicing what made you
want to stay and be a social worker here
in New Orleans family
just where I live how do where you fall
oh I'm from st. Louis Missouri Oh a lot
of social workers here from symbolism oh
so I just wanted to know how do you feel
that uh like social work in New Orleans
do you feel like it has a big impact on
people or your the people that you work
with I think it is a really important
impact on people what aspects of your
job make you want to continue doing
anyone you might be somebody they may
say you know those things help you keep
rolling is there like any advice you
would give to someone who wants to get
into Social Work to go all the way I
would say the best advice would be to
get the masters and then get licensed
because you know social workers are
professional you have to kind of pay you
to start off with the Grunch jobs so if
you stick to it and you you value it as
a profession and you get all other
credentials that go along with it


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November 12, 2019
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