Purple Knight for Life


Purple Knight for Life


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This is the story of Anthony Deloch's recalling of his experience at St. Augustine High School after 40 years.


Anthony Deloch attended St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, LA from 1975-1979. After graduating 40 years ago, he recalls some of his favorite aspects of the school as well as his experience at his class reunion.


Jordan Deloch


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Mass Communication Department at Xavier University of Louisiana.


December 8, 2019


Anthony Deloch


My Nola, My Story


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EMy Nola, My Story 2019 Exhibit.




A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Law and hope are the names of the streets between where St. Augustine High School is located. As founded in 1961 by the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, the spirit of st. Augustine is living on and growing strong. Many greats such as State Representative Jimmy Harris, NFL star
Leonard Fournette, and singer PJ Morton have had their early starts at this school. Today we discuss what was special about the school at 2600AP Tureaud, formerly known as London Avenue as a 40 year old alum may have known it.

My name is Anthony Deloch. I'm a 1979 grad of St Augustine High School in New Orleans.

My first impression of St. Aug-- it was an all-boys school and being in the Catholic system with girls and boys it was a big difference. My favorite part about the school was the priests. They really instilled catechism into my life.

St. Aug was was a school they're really strived on discipline. We got the paddle. Yes we did; for everything you do you-- everything you did wrong and sometimes you don't---have to be wrong and you'd still get the paddle.

I didn't like being late for school because every time you was late for school you was paddled, and I lived all the way in Algiers, Louisiana and I was late many days. I didn't like that. seems like they should have paddled you if you were close to the school and was late, but I had to travel many many miles just to get to school every morning. That's one of the things that I didn't like.

The school helped a lot of black leaders, a lot of black politicians went to St. Augustine back in the day. Some of your highest members of the school board attended St. Augustine. RTA is loaded with St. Augustine graduates.

After being gone for 40 years, educating black men---turning them to professionals. We just had our 40 year class reunion and some of the some of the fellows I went to school with back in 1975 to 79, you know it's real... got real professional jobs.

Whatever the teachers teach you, learn it, because you're gonna use it in the future. I'm Anthony Deloch, a Purple Knight for Life.






Jordan Deloch


Jordan Deloch


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