HBCU Art Showcase at the Ogden Art Museum


HBCU Art Showcase at the Ogden Art Museum




This is a story on an HBCU student's experiences as a photographer and her artwork's connection to New Orleans.


Showcase of HBCU students artwork in the Ogden Art Museum. The photographer wanted to highlight the lives in the neighborhood she lived in.


Angelica Bradley


My Nola, My Story


Mass Communication department, Xavier University of Louisiana


November 22, 2020


La'Shance Perry
Angelica Bradley


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2020 exhibit




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A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication departments students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts.

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Question: Do You Believe your piece connects to New Orleans? Why or Why Not?

La’Shance Perry: my project is titled the people of HollyGrove And I was inspired to do this project because at the time I lived in the neighborhood and I realize that I didn’t really quiet know my area and my surroundings and I am originally from Cincinnati Ohio so I wanted to get more connected to my neighbors and my communities so I decided I would do the people of HollyGrove.

Question: what is your interpretation of your art and what would you like people to take from it?

La’Shance Perry: So Um The interpretation of my art essentially what I wanted to showcase The people of Holly Grove I wanted to more so to focus on how concrete rises beauty. A sort of concept where not everything that you initially look at is what you see so HollyGrove is an underprivileged community it is one of the struggling areas of New Orleans and a lot of people in the area face poverty but as I started to meet these people I realize that these are actually really smart people actually really talented people people that are going places they just come from unfortunate circumstances but what I did notice about each and every single one of them is that they’re pulling themselves up literally from their bootstraps to be better so they are not letting their area define them they are being better.

Question: what does this exhibit mean to you as an HBCU student? What makes it special?

La’Shance Perry: The people of Holly Grove is actually what I would consider to be my third major project and when I honestly initially came up with the concept for this project I never would’ve thought it would’ve got the recognition so literally one or two years ago I took a trip here with my class and I remember looking and saying I want my pictures to hang from these walls because I was just so mesmerized by the artwork it was so beautiful and I know that you have to be a really talented photographer to get inside the Ogden so when I send my artwork and it was chosen to actually be in the HBCU art showcase I was like super excited super super happy because I know myself as an artist I am a little self-conscious about my work so this was definitely recognition to show me that I am on the right path and the right track and this is definitely my craft and it was definitely reaffirming to experience this.

Question: what do you want people to take away from this exhibit

La’Shance:I want people to take away and learn from my artwork specifically everything is beauty Everything is beautiful you have to really really pay attention to your surroundings I know that life happens so fast sometimes we forget to stop and really recognize the beautiful things that’s happening around us so from my artwork I want people to take away that with anything there’s beauty so just take your time to reevaluate your settings and really enjoy where you are in the moment and overall well I want people to take away is that we are talented we might be young but we are time-limited and going places and that you can put your mind to anything that you do for sure.

Question: favorite piece and Why?

La’Shance: this is a hard question OK so originally only for my pieces were supposed to go into the Ogden and I was able to convince for two more of my pieces to get attitude so I ended up not being able to put one in that I really vouch for I see you sister which is of the two young girls who are on their front porch. I really love that picture because it reminds me of my sisters who I love very very much. They are so beautiful I love their skin I love their hair they literally reminded me of me when I was their age so it was really nice to see that and I also love red House of blues that house was just it was just a beautiful picture I love the contrast of the red against his really dark skin in his hand and it was just beautiful I really like details that’s what I try to look for and yes those two are my favorite

Angelica Bradley: Thank you




Angelica Bradley


Dr. Shearon Roberts


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