Skating in the Big Easy


Skating in the Big Easy




I sit down and interview you two young New Orleans skaters to get insight into what the skate life is like in the Big Easy.


New Orleans is known for many things from food to music. One thing that is overlooked though is the skateboarding scene. Me being a skater myself I wanted to give people insight into what life is like in the skate scene of New Orleans from the lens of two African American young skaters.


Irvin Washington


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Interview with Ivanna:
Irvin: Alright so why don’t you introduce yourself.
Ivanna: Hi im Ivanna and im a sophomore at Benjamin Franklin.
Irvin: Nice to meet you Ivanna, so how long have you been skating?
Ivanna: Like when did I first learn?
Irvin: No how long have you been skating consistently, like when it’s like every day I been at it like I started and never stopped.
Ivanna: Almost five months.
Irvin: Ok, so what got you into skating?
Ivanna: My older brother.
Irvin: Ok so do you have any goals you wanna achieve in your skating career?
Ivanna: Tre flips, I wanna get tre flips and I wanna get sponsored by Girl Skateboards.
Irvin: So can you explain to me what a tre flip is?
Ivanna: A tre flip is a three shuv kickflip.
Irvin: What is a three shuv?
Ivanna: A three shuv is a three-sixty shuvit instead of a normal one-eighty shuvit.
Irvin: Ok so what does it mean to not only be a skater but a black female skater from New Orleans, what does that mean personally to you?
Ivanna: That means I plan on becoming the first pro female skater black female skater from New Orleans.
Irvin: Are there any female skaters that personally inspired you?

Ivanna: Ummmm, Nora Vasconcellos, um who else Aori Nishimura, ri ri I don’t know how to say her name, the thirteen-year-old Brazilian skater.
Irvin: Ok if you got the chance to meet any skater like if I said they name and they walked through this door who would it be?
Ivanna: Does it have to be a female skater? Irvin: No any skater ever.
Ivanna: Kyonosuke!
Irvin: Who is Kyonosuke?
Ivanna: He‘s a Japanese skater who is sponsored by Primitive. Irvin: How did you get into watching him?
Ivanna: Lui Mora..the on YouTuber that vlogs, he also got me into skateboarding because at first I was like not interested and then I was like oooo I can make youtube videos if I get good at skating!
Irvin: Ok well thank you for the interview thank you!
Interview with Tony:
Irvin: Alright man introduce yourself!
Tony: My name is Tony, and im a skater!
Irvin: Ok Tony the skater how long you been skating? Tony: About nine months.
Irvin: Alright nine months, so what got you into skating?
Tony: Well, I had a friend that told me about it, so I like did research and was like looking at it and was like damn this looks actually fun, and im glad I started cuz im having hella fun all the time so yeah.
Irvin: Ok ok so do you have any goals you want to achieve in your skating career? Tony: I want to be sponsored off of skills.

Irvin: Any sponsors you looking at in particular?
Tony: Element because this is an element brand board right here not the grip tape, but its an Element brand board and I really like Element cuz their boards are like heavy like its easier for me to do well, it would be harder for everyone else to do tricks but it’s easier for me I don’t know why.
Irvin: Is there any favorite skaters that have ever skated for Element that maybe inspired you? Tony: Ummmm well I haven’t looked at any but I will for sure soon.
Irvin: Ok perfect man and what does it mean like to be a skater from new Orleans in particular? Tony: Dangerous, danger, death!
Irvin: Oh my gosh and why is that?
Tony: Its just people are evil here, I don’t understand people, nah Im joking though, it’s fun
except the streets you will almost die like actually.
Irvin: Are you saying someone will harm you or you talking about?
Tony: You will harm yourself, you will harm yourself yeah.
Irvin: Ok ok so that’s the potholes they be talking about.
Tony: Dangerous bro!
Interview with Ivanna and Tony:
Irvin: What advice do you wanna leave for any inspiring skaters out there? Ivanna: Dont get frustrated.
Tony: Just have fun bro, have fun, be fun, have fun, be happy!
Ivanna: I know yo hot breath not all over the mic bruh!




Irvin Washington


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