French Quarter Fest 2023


French Quarter Fest 2023




In this video, we provide an overview of the 2023 French Quarters Fest by interviewing vendors, performers, and attendees.


The following video presents a detailed video showcasing the much-awaited French Quarters Fest. The video comprises extensive interviews with various individuals, including vendors, performers, and attendees. By watching this video, you'll gain an in-depth insight into the different aspects and experiences that await you at this thrilling event.


Tesiya McClary, Willow Jones, Ja'Leaha Thornton


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April 16, 2023


My Nola, My Story


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Ja'Leaha Thornton: Hi, you guys it's Ja'Leaha Thornton. I'm
reporting live from the French Quarter Festival, and as you can we have a lot of great things going on today but
today, in this video, you'll be watching us interview different people
this includes families and different business owners, as they tell us about their experience, time here if they're coming back and of course, about their product. So sit back and enjoy this tape.


Tesiya McClary: Hi, I'm here with ...
Jenna A: Jenna

Tesiya McClary: Jenna, where are you from?

Jenna A: I'm from New Orleans

Tesiya McClary: okay and what are you excited about seeing in French Quarter fest this year?

Jenna A: I think I'm most excited about the music and the food

Tesiya McClary: Okay, so why do you think French Quarter Fest is important for the black community

Jenna A: I think it's very important because it brings all the families
together for family time, and they spend
time together and eat food and have fun.

Tesiya McClary: do you think French Quarter Fest will be a cultural shock to other people or other races

Jenna A: yes I do because our food is
different out here and also because
they're not used to the jazz music and
other stuff that comes with New Orleans.
Tesiya McClary: all right, and what would be a good tip for people who are just experiencing French Quarter Fest for the first time

Jenna A: a good tip to probably bring some chairs

Willow Jones: taking place at the center of New Orleans French Quarter Fest is the place to be to enjoy some great music.


oh yeah
thank you

Willow Jones: French Quarter Fest is a great place for
artists and vendors to display their
work and products

Ja'Leaha Thornton: all right hi so what brings you out today

James Alexander: It's Florida quarter Fest 2023 you know

Ja'Leaha Thornton : all right

James Alexander: doing my thing pushing my brand promoting my
shirts and my you know hats my artwork my lovely artwork
Against All Odds but I still stand you know

Ja'Leaha Thornton: what is your favorite part of the
experience just being out here ?

James Alexander: uh the people, the festivities of the
people the energy you know what I'm
saying just everybody having a good time
you know, showing some support to a local
artist and you know it's a good day it's
Sunday, it's good weather

Ja'Leaha Thornton: all right so will you be back out here next year?

James Alexander: oh definitely I'll be out here next week


Tesiya McClary: hi I'm Tesiya and I'm here with ?

Hailey R: Hi I'm Hailey

Tesiya McClary: all right Hailey where are you from?

Hailey R: New Orleans

Tesiya McClary: all right, it's your first time experiencing French Quarter Fest

Hailey R: yes it actually is

Tesiya McClary: Okay, so what are you most excited about this year

Hailey R: I'm actually most excited about the food I
believe um people say the music is great but I really want to try the food

Tesiya McClary: okay okay so why do you think French Quarter
Fest is important for the black community?

Hailey R: it feels like it brings everyone together like if you know New Orleans guys you just really know um they're not really friendly so I feel like the festivals bring people together not just French Quarter but like all of them together

Tesiya McClary: okay so and my last
question would be as a tip to people who
aren't from New Orleans what do you feel
like would be the best thing for people
to do as they experience this Festival

Hailey R: um maybe going on Bourbon at nighttime
something like that if you're not from here people actually love it

Willow Jones: French Quarter Fest brings together family and friends to have a great time let's hear from more New Orleans why
they come to French Quarter Fest and all
that it has to offer

Tesiya McClary: hi, my name is Tesiya and am here with ...

Marvin Jones: Marvin Jones

Tesiya McClary: so where are you from

Marvin Jones: Typical Louisiana

Tesiya McClary: okay okay this is your first
time experience at first quarter Fest

Marvin Jones: Typical no no, it's every year,

Tesiya McClary: okay, and my first question is what would you say it
would be a good tip for people who are
come out here for the first time

Marvin Jones: uh pace yourself and try Foods everywhere

Tesiya McClary: Okay, were you excited about anything
this year

Marvin Jones: uh no just the atmosphere that's it all right

Tesiya McClary: and my last question would be why do you feel like French quarter fest is important for the black community

Marvin Jones: um just part of everybody getting along seeing how others do it

Tesiya McClary: all right this is Tesiya and I'm here with

Christina Malden : Christina Malden

Tesiya McClary: all right Christina what are you most
excited about for French quarter fest this year

Christina Malden: I'm definitely excited to try
all the good food and just to have a good time in this weather with my

Tesiya McClary: okay so why do you think French
Quarter Fest is important for New Orleans culture

Christina Malden: I feel like the French
Quarter Fest definitely brings the
community together as a whole just to
celebrate the food diversity and just
the culture of our city that we live in
and also it brings a lot of tourists
just to represent our city well for just
a nice joyful fun, and festive weekend

Tesiya McClary: all right Aye you gonna be
seeing any bands this weekend on this uh
event or what

Christina Malden: um I'm not particularly here for the
bands more for the food but I'm definitely gonna have my ear open and listen to it in the background

Willow Jones: as you can see French Corner Fest is a
festival that is celebrated by all of
its residents and visitors we hope you
can attend next year thanks for watching


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Tesiya McClary, Willow Jones, Nicholas Jones, Ja'Leaha Thornton


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