My Nola My Story: Early Childcare Special Education in Inner City New Orleans


My Nola My Story: Early Childcare Special Education in Inner City New Orleans


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Ashley Nunez is a local Speech Interventionist who specializes in birth to five years of age early intervention, and she also has a specialization in Special Education.


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December 12, 2019


Ashley Nunez


My Nola, My Story


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What is your role in the community?
My role in the community is as a service provider for students that have IEPs which is individualized education plans I work in preschools in New Orleans, I work in the head start system and then we also have a program for children who are not in school to come to our location and receive those Therapy Services. I guess my rule is really just to serve the children with the most need, children in low-income schools and children that have developmental delays.
How do you think that your occupation has helped the people of New Orleans?
I think that working in the field of special education is a big benefit to the people of New Orleans because this is kind of an in-demand field was just means there's not much interest or many people interested in going into special education at this time so it's something that if me and my team weren't doing it who would be doing it you know I think that it really benefits the schools the children and the families to give them a best shot to be successful and you know in the future be able to contribute to society as well.
Do you believe that your occupation is a strong necessity in this community?
I think that it is a strong necessity because a lot of the families that I work with are on the lower-income side or have some challenges outside of education and I think that being available and helping children in all areas of New Orleans and all communities is a necessity cause if those services are unavailable they may not make progress towards their goals later on.
Do you agree with the statement that your line of work is the most rewarding job there is?
It definitely is, it's great to see a child when they say their first words or you know when they start playing with friends and you know that that was always a struggle for them there's definitely challenges in this field but it doesn't overshadow the you know the rewards that we get when we see the progress and we see things kind of spark for the children.
Has your job been affected by Katrina in any way?
The way in which our job was affected by Katrina and I wasn't in the education system at that time as a teacher, but because of the changes after Katrina with changing New Orleans from district neighborhood schools in to all portfolio Charter system it really has changed the way that we access the families, now we have a centralized enrollment system so children that maybe weren't identified or weren't known to have special needs now there there we find out about them and we can help them out earlier age so even though Katrina was a difficult thing for the city I think it really shows some of the positive aspects as far as the school system now.
What do you love most about your job?
The best part of my job is just helping families and connecting them to resources being able to provide information that maybe they didn't know about or didn't know that they could access and seeing that give parents hope you know for the future and when maybe they were kind of a little discouraged at first so I think also what I love most is just seeing the kids happy and smiling and just being a positive influence for them.
Thank you so much, thank you.


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