New Orleans Second-Lines for the Community


New Orleans Second-Lines for the Community


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The Second Line in New Orleans is a social gathering for family, friends, music, and culture.


This is a study about the second line in New Orleans from natives of the city.


Kai Wilson


My Nola, My Story via Youtube


Mass Communication Department at Xavier University of Louisiana.


December 12, 2019


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2019 Exhibit.






A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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Since the early 1800s in the Congo Square where they originated second lines in New Orleans have been a weekly celebration of life and culture .Although they are always evolving these Sunday anniversaries have held their roots and is something that you won't find
anywhere else in America.

This tradition is held up by the people of the community. It is organized by social, Aid, and Pleasure clubs who hire brass bands, decorate elaborate floats, and coordinate outfits for the day of the event.

I've been attending Second Lines my entire life. From a very little girl when I was taught to jump so nobody wouldn't step on my foot I had to be--- feet I'm sorry I had to be about four or five. It's definitely connected to family and friends my mother is one of the biggest Mardi Gras Indians and I marched in parades my daughter march in parades. It's heritage for us. It's family fun they're all out here somewhere that's just how much fun it is

It's basically like a parade. I think everybody should come to a second line
if you can come to New Orleans around the time that we have second lines I think you should come out here. It's a lot
of culture. there's a lot of things to do.

From barbequing to dancing and coming together with friends and family, there are many reasons to follow a second line, which can last about five miles. Some walk and some ride.

It's all love, it's the culture. Turn the camera real quick man you gotta love this. it's all love, it's culture. And you wanna pull a few little yeah or you wanna have a good time, it is what it is.

Essentially second lines bring the community together. When attending one, remember these things respect the heritage, have fun, don't believe what you, hear, and wear tennis shoes.


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