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This is a vlog-style video centered around Jamaican Restaurant, Boswell's. This video entails an interview with the owner, Mr. Boswell Atkinson, and the introduction of the restaurant's food and environment to viewers.

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This video is about the experience a 71-year old New Orleans native, Howard Rollins Jr. encountered during is time in the Vietnam War and coming back home.

Coach Bo has been the head coach for over 21 years. He has a major effect on the history of sports at Xavier and plays major role.

Taylor Brooks a victim of hurricane Katrina takes a second and sits down to tell us about the affect on the Hurricane and what toll it took on her childhood.

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This is a study about the second line in New Orleans from natives of the city.

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A short documentary on New Orleans by XULA's Class of 2022 Gerard LeFrere

An interview with the owner and director of N'fungola Sibo African Dance and Drum Company.

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Noir Nola, Cierra Chenier tells the history of the oldest black neighborhood in New Orleans: The Treme

Mr. Smith explains his impact on Xavier students and how his life has changed because of Xavier University of Louisiana.
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