Why I Love Nola


Why I Love Nola




The stories and feelings of Nola natives.


Nola natives explain the love that they have for their city and the impact of Hurricane Katrina.


Skylar Stephens


My Nola My Story via YouTube


Mass Communications department at Xavier University of Louisiana


December 5, 2021


Nola natives


My Nola, My Story


My Nola, My Story 2021 Exhibit








A Digital Humanities project by Xavier University of Louisiana's Mass Communication department students, led by Dr. Shearon Roberts

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*second line music plays*

Adriana: How was life after Katrina?

Man: After Katrina? It was hard. Ummm..lost everything and just homeless ever since.

Adriana: Sorry to hear that.

Man: But the way I do is try to help the other homeless people. I walk around and sell beads. Stuff like that. Got some people that’s kind of cuckoo, some that’s crippled, some that’s just not right. I’m out here trying to do what I can do to help them also.

*second line music plays*

Man: We weird. We like to have fun. We can hangout till 5 o’clock in the morning on Bourbon, if we want to.

Skylar: What about the music?

Man 2:*inaudible* …Like the bounce music? The music crazy. We got a different flavor than everybody else. Our flavor is different. You know how you put gumbo, add all the seasoning. Put too much seasoning, it get hot! It get spicy! It’s spicy so you got to make sure it’s just right. You put too much of that seasoning, what happen? Your mouth goin’ burn. *inaudible*

Des’Monte Scott : I don’t know what y’all heard, but I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. Growing up in New Orleans was just a moment. Kicking down the Westbank girl that was my little stomping grounds. *Laughs* But goin down the street to my granny house and just smelling the gumbo like in the parking lot and then just walking in the apartment she cooking, got stuff on the stove, and the pecan candy child. That pecan candy just melt in ya mouth. It was top tier, It was amazing *laughs*

Adriana: So what do you like most about New Orleans?

Man 3: The culture, hands down the culture.

Skylar: What about the culture?

Man3 : Uh, its so original. The people make up New Orleans, It’s not just the building and the festivities. It’s the people that make New Orleans, the people that actually work this shit and live out here

Adriana: Um How was life after Katrina?

Man 3: Um, totally different in regards of uh the uncertainty of how it was gonna be going forward. Meaning like where your mom work, your dad work. Uh the same store you may have went to growing up may not be there, but I will say this, the comparison of post Katrina to like Covid it totally different. Cause covid has made thing all the way weird ya know what I mean? like Katrina was like ok, devistation, we can rebuild. Covid has just made you have to change your whole life.

Adriana : What do you love most about New Orleans?

Man 1 : What I love most about New Orleans? Bourbon Street.

Adriana: *Laughs*


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Skylar Stephens
Adriana Williams


Dr. Shearon Roberts


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